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Budapest, 11th district

12 épület * 4 lakás = 48 lakás, kezdet: 2006

The joy of life at Madárhegy. Panoramic and spacious homes with own gardens in the 11th district of Budapest. There are 4 apartments in each three-storey buildings.

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Madárhegy Telkek

Budapest, 11th district

kezdet: 2006

All plots at Madárhegy come with full infrastructure, including road networks, water, gas and electricity. Considering the rules on site coverage, altogether 400 sqm residential area can be built in, with 150 sqm on each floor, thus detached house, semi-detached house or even a 4-flat-house can be built.

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Ciprus Ház

Budapest, 8th district

426 lakás, 2005 -2007

The project is located near Arena Plaza, on the opposite side of BKV Sports field, which is a quiet, green area of the 8th district, with excellent public transportation. Ciprus Ház is an estate of four wings, with altogether 426 flats and two shops on 8 floors.

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Lőrinc Liget

Budapest, 18th district

292 lakás, 2004.07.- 2007-12

The six buildings parallel to the street were built on an area of 17,000 sqm. Simplicity and functionality were in focus when the flats were planned, while providing them with as much natural light as possible was equally important.

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Budapest, 9th district

234 lakás, 2005.11- 2007.12

The Silverside Apartment House situated at 9-13 Dandár utca, a silent little street of Budapest’s renewing area of the 9th district known as Ferencváros. The project consists of a two-wing housing estate with 234 flats built on 6 floors.