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The Avico Group

We absolutely insist on high quality and long lasting solutions in the construction of our projects, the most state-of-the art and the most efficient technologies are used in all our buildings. We lay furthermore emphasis on functionality, on creating environment-friendly, available and comfortable life space, retail and private real estates in good locations. We always follow these principles with all our projects while we also focus on benefiting from the given area’s special features.

The founders have an enviable record of meeting the challenges of the Real Estate market in Israel, USA and Europe. Avico Group is developing residential properties in several locations at Hungary. The portfolio of the group is about 5000 units including the finished Lőrincliget in the 18th district, Silverside apartmanhouse and Verona house in 9th district, Ciprus Ház in 8th district, Duna Terasz and Fay85 project in 13th district and the high level Madárhegy residences and Madárterasz in 11th district as well as the latest projects called GAMA Residence in the 9th district at the corner of Gát and Márton street, the Greenside and Uptown lakópark in the 13th district. The company is also in the process of expanding localy and internationally and seeks to expand and broaden the depth of its international activity.


Excellent locations

Our residential parks are located in popular, frequented places in Budapest. In our offer, they find their home for both urban buffs and nature seekers.

Our current offer:

GAMA Residence: GAMA Residence offers small and easy to let apartments in central Budapest surrounded by universities. High rental prices in this area ensure a decent profit on long term. As Budapest tops most travel destination lists, both short-term rental prices and the value of the real estates are continuously rising.
GAMA Residence is a newly built apartment building with renewable energy. In the 9th district a frequented-rehabilitated part on the corner of Márton and Gát street. The unique appearance of the building meets the needs of today's cosmopolitan man. Thanks to it’s excellent location everything is easily accessible.

UPTOWN: NEWLY BUILT APARTMENT BUILDING WITH RENEWABLE ENERGY! The newest residental project of the AVICO Group is located in the 13th district of Budapest. Relaxing environment near Rákospatak. UPTOWN is set in a truly green, sporty place where morning-evening running along the Rákos-patak nicely frames the ever-awaited lifestyle that you can now finally have. Check out our apartment offers!

Greenside B-C: In the 13th district of Budapest, near to Városliget, the new, idyllic residential project of the Avico Group is located. The apartments in the residential park are designed to provide comfort and an environment for relaxing everyday life. We located such a surrounding for you where you will find everything needed for a convenient life-style, facilities for a good life are just a few steps away - and still you may walk home under the cozy green tree branches.